My Days with Val

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My friend Val,

A good friend introduced me to Val in 2013. I fell in love with her and her family right off. Val is a retired schoolteacher and Girl Scout troop leader. I recently found out one of my old friends from the punk rock days in the 80s was her neighbor and did an elaborate play with her kids in Val’s back yard. Small world! Val was born in 1924 and has wicked scene of humor. She keeps me on my toes and on the floor laughing every time I see her. I’m a very sarcastic, blunt person with a dark sense of humor and Val gets that, feeds off of me. I am a very lucky person I get to come and hang out with Val, she has welcomed me and Hammer into her home and life. She brightens my days.

I want to share her with the world so they can see whom I see in her.